Decentralised Water Consulting is a small environmental and engineering consultancy based in Newcastle, NSW. Director and environmental scientist Ben Asquith has 17 years experience in the field of on-site and decentralised wastewater management with roles within local government, private consulting and training.

Decentralised Wastewater Consulting (DWC) thrive on being able to apply their experience and understanding of fundamental principles in soil and water science and engineering to complex, non-conventional and challenging problems.

Project themes and client base can vary; however, the following is a list of typical activities undertaken.

  • Site and soil (land capability) assessments for effluent land treatment systems.
  • Design and approval of DWS for new and existing residential and non-residential developments.
  • Options investigations for local water cycle solutions – link with economic consultants for Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Dynamic environmental modelling of water and wastewater management systems and their impacts on receiving environments and health.
  • Servicing strategies, approvals and business cases for villages, peri-urban areas and country towns.
  • Small scale water reuse feasibility, business case development and concept design.
  • Design and deployment of customised monitoring systems and data analysis for small scale wastewater systems and effluent irrigation systems.